I.C.A.K. Blend - Individual Coffee Aid Kit - Geisha Bean

  • $16.99
  • Save $8

This blend is a special blend that we are dedicating to all of our Medical Professionals.  This blend comes to us direct from the Boquete region of Panama, farmed and roasted on site.  This Geisha bean is highly sought after and will take you on a trip to Panama from your patio or front porch.

This blend is a lighter roast and as described on the internet (we all know the internet is always right), "It is widely known for its unique flavor profile of floral and sweet notes, its high selling price, and its exclusivity as its demand has increased over the years."

Compare pricing on the internet, you will see an average of $24 and up for 12 ounces, we have this incredible chance to offer this blend at an introductory price of $16.99 for 12 ounces.   We get these coffees in very small batch runs, so be fast and grab a bag or two before they disappear!