I.C.A.K. Blend - Individual Coffee Aid Kit - Nicaraguan Single Origin

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We are relaunching this coffee blend name with a single origin bean out of the mountains of Nicaragua.  The Parainema bean comes direct to your cup from a farm that is 4th generation family owned and operated by a fellow Combat Infantryman, 11B.  As he says, truly 100% farm to cup veteran owned coffee. 

The green beans are roasted here stateside under the watchful eye of our fellow infantryman, mixing the medium and dark roasted beans to form a blend that is bold on flavor, with mild acidity, and just the right push of caffeine to get you through your day.

All of our troops and first responders carry an IFAK (individual first aid kit) close at hand and ready at a moments notice.  We want this single origin blend to be your go to ICAK, Individual Coffee Aid Kit, to get you through your day.  

This coffee is certified organic by the FDA and comes direct farm to cup from Las Tradiciones Coffee Company, Nicaragua, then roasted in Nevada before coming to us.