Waterdog Blend - Breakfast Blend

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Breakfast Blend - Light/Mild Roast


This coffee is meant for the Waterfowl Hunter, but anyone who enjoys the outdoors will love jumping off to a great start to their days afield!  I am honoring my two old Black Labs, Gunner and Murphy with this blend.  Gunner was the most unorthodox duck dog, but he was an incredible retriever.  Gunner was a beer loving, sandwich stealing, truck window surfing, retrieving nut job, but most of all, he was our family mutt.   He was also known as "Meat" for many reasons..... 

Murphy hunted very little, but when he did, he was good at it!  He was more importantly the lead security guard for the women of the Pour House, he was incredible at that job.  

The pictures include Gunner and Murphy and a familiar site to anyone that duck hunts, with the last picture of Gunner, in his decoy made by Kevin Wharton, during a hunt from 2017, nearly 5 years after his death.  The decoy doesn't float all that well (just a bit too heavy!!!!).   Murphy's decoy is in production and he too will be hunting with us soon from the decoy!

We now have a new pup, Hank, who has big paws to fill, but he is coming along nicely and is one hell of a delivery pup too!